Savvylady October 20, 2017

If you want a chance to experience some great Jazz, Cork is thee place to head for the weekend or even a few hours over the weekend.  There are many places providing free entertainment and also on street entertainment.  Many of the hotels put on gigs some of these sessions are free but not all.  Check out  for more details not all gigs will be included.  If you are a novice my advice would be to make no plans and check out the street entertainment while enjoying a few hours wondering the streets and maybe enjoying some of the great restaurants in Cork over the weekend.  This is an event for many people who enjoy jazz which is set stone in their diary.  Another alternative is heading to Kinsale over the weekend as they will be putting on their own free Jazz weekend so why not enjoy a spot of lunch or dinner while enjoying the jazz over the weekend.  See  for more details.  An alternative to the Halloween partying if you need an escape from all the trick or treating

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